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Licensing of inventions

The University of Copenhagen and external partners enter into license agreements based on inventions made at the university. It is a way to ensure that these inventions benefit society in the best possible way.

If you are interested in acquiring the right to use an invention from UCPH, please contact the Tech Transfer Office. The Tech Transfer Office will also be able to set up a meeting between you and the inventors of a specific technology, so you can get an in-depth presentation.

How do we negotiate a license agreement?

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) owns the rights to the research results that are produced by the university’s researchers. The Tech Transfer Office manages the patenting and commercialisation process and is responsible for making as many inventions as possible available to Danish and international companies – typically through licensing agreements.

The terms of a licensing agreement differ depending on the field of research and on the maturity and potential of the specific technology or method. When an external party wishes to start licensing negotiations witk UCPH, it is important to be aware that:

  • when entering into agreements with companies, UCPH has a duty to ensure the best possible use of an invention
  • rights will depend on geographical location and field of research
  • according to Danish law, the university's Tech Transfer Office negotiates the license agreement in accordance with market conditions, including royalties to the university when the company derives profits from a licensed technology
  • the university wishes to ensure that the researchers involved can continue their research within the field after the execution of a license agreement

Invention Catalogue

UCPH has a range of inventions available for licensing. Some of the inventions are presented here.

You are welcome to contact the Tech Transfer Office for an overview of currently available inventions within a specific scientific field (see contact details on the right).