License agreements – University of Copenhagen

License agreements

The University of Copenhagen enters into licensing agreements with external parties about inventions made at UCPH  because this is the best way to guarantee that the inventions are harnessed for the benefit of society. The University is keen to sign licensing agreements with companies, because it helps research make it into the market.

Contact the Tech Trans Office for information in the form of project descriptions for technologies and methods used for inventions in a specific field.

Meeting inventors for in-depth presentations is also an option.

The terms of a licensing agreement depend on the subject area, the technology or method, its maturity and potential.

Concerning licensing agreements, please note that:

  • The University strives to guarantee that the best possible use is made of inventions when it enters into agreements.
  • The University negotiates the terms of the licensing agreement on market terms and conditions, including any royalties to the University when the company generates revenue from the licensed technology.
  • The University seeks to guarantee that researchers will be able to continue to conduct research in the area concerned after the license agreement has been signed.