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Partnership opportunities

There are several possibilities for collaboration on projects funded by the EU.

The EU programme for research funding – Horizon 2020 – has three pillars: Industrial Leadership, Societal Challenges and Excellent Science:

Industrial Leadership

This pillar funds applied research for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), usually for short-term projects lasting two–three years.

Societal Challenges

This pillar focuses on major strategic research projects but there is a growing desire, and in some cases a requirement, for participation by private-sector companies.

Excellent Science

Projects in this pillar often last three–five years, and include an element of basic research. The consortia are large and require participation from multiple EU countries. Companies are often the end-users and buyers of the developed technology .

Companies are satisfied with EU projects

Experience shows that once a company takes part in an EU project, they often sing up for new ones, so there are good opportunities to build networks and stay abreast of technological developments.

Further information about funding opportunities and guidance on EU-funded projects is available from the University of Copenhagen’s EU Office.