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The Industrial PhD and Postdoc Programme

If you want to hire a graduate for a limited research project spanning three–five years, consider an Industrial PhD or Industrial postdoc.

Under these schemes, the graduates are employed in your company, but affiliated with the University.

The Industrial PhD scheme

An Industrial PhD is a special kind of PhD project. A company or public-sector body defines the project along with the University and a PhD student. The student then carries out the assignment under the supervision of the University.

The Industrial PhD divides his or her time equally between the University and the company. The Ministry of Education pays half of the salary, the company the other half.

The University of Copenhagen can help companies or organizations develop the project, design an advertisement for the right student, etc.: Email UCPH's PhD co-ordinator. (This help is not available at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences.)

You can read more about the Industrial PhD scheme at the following sites:

- Ministry of Education (general overview, approved projects, statistics)

- Innovation Fund Denmark (complete information, application deadlines and requirements)

Industrial postdocs

An Industrial postdoc is a trained researcher, usually with a PhD, who carries out specific research and development work for a company.

An Industrial postdoc project is built around a good project idea that has significant commercial potential and involves new technology.

The project has to involve one or two companies and a university, and must culminate in tangible outcomes. Industrial postdocs are mainly funded by the Danish Innovation Fund with a small self-financing element from the partners.

The Industrial postdoc scheme is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark

You can read more about the industrial postdocs scheme at Innovation Fund Denmark's website.

Industrial postdoc scheme at Innovation Fund Denmark.