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Innovation vouchers

Innovation vouchers are a support system for SMEs that want to work on a development project with, for example, a university. Read more about the scheme on the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation’s website.

A total of DKK 35 million is allocated annually, and a distinction is made between a Basic Innovation Voucher (up to DKK 100,000) and an Advanced Innovation Voucher (DKK 250,000-1,000,000).

What is funding provided for?
Vouchers are used for activities such as:

  • Product development and quality enhancement
  • New forms of innovation in the company
  • Purchasing and implementation of new technologies
  • Development of marketing strategies and cultivation of new markets for the company's products
  • Strategy development, strategic management and staff development
  • Optimisation of production processes, improvement and planning of workflows and organisational development
  • Solving technical problems

Advanced Innovation Voucher

Advanced vouchers are available to all SMEs, irrespective of whether they have experience of working with knowledge generated by research institutions.

Advanced vouchers are worth DKK 250,000–1,000,000 and are for work with one or more knowledge institutions on an innovation project.

The next deadline for applications for advanced vouchers will be in mid-2014.

Read more about advanced innovation vouchers here

Basic Innovation Voucher

Basic innovation vouchers are for SMEs with no or limited experience of working with universities. Worth up to DKK 100,000, they are used to buy knowledge from, or to work with, a university.

Read the current guidelines for obtaining basic vouchers

There are regular application deadlines for the Basic Knowledge Voucher scheme, and applications are accepted as long as the pool lasts.