Access to inventions – University of Copenhagen

Access to inventions

Have you heard of an invention made at the University that you would like to use? Contact the Tech Trans Office and ask about licensing options. Read more about licenses here.

The University of Copenhagen owns the rights to its researchers' inventions, but we strive to ensure that as many inventions as possible are used by companies in Denmark and abroad – usually via licensing agreements.

How do you initiate collaboration on an invention?

Contact the Tech Trans Office. They know about all of the University's inventions and patents, and will help you get permission to use the inventions.

When we enter into a partnership, we ensure that:

  • The invention is deployed in practice to the greatest extent possible
  • The rights are clarified in terms of geography and subject area
  • The University negotiates on the basis of standard market terms and conditions, e.g. for revenues/royalties
  • The researchers are still able to conduct research within their fields after the agreement has been signed.