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Measurements, analyses and consultancy services

The University of Copenhagen is happy to conduct specific analyses or small research projects for companies. Our researchers are highly specialised experts with access to the latest knowledge and technology for taking all kinds of measurements, conducting analyses and consulting.

The University distinguishes between commissioned research and consultancy services:

Commissioned research, including analyses

Commissioned research is sometimes called contract research and usually involves a company, public-sector body or organisation ordering an analysis, some form of measurement or other specialist service from a researcher.

Commissioning research involves an agreement with the University and access to the researchers’ laboratory facilities, academic networks, etc.

Commissioned research usually revolves around a specific project, e.g. a statistical analysis, sequencing of a DNA strand or a language course for a company.

If you want to get in touch with a researcher about a specific piece of work, contact the appropriate faculty. If you are unsure which faculty to contact, ask our business co-ordinator.

Contact information for faculties and our business coordinator on the right.

Read about research funding, or contracts and rules for collaboration.

Consultancy services

If a company, organisation or public body wants to buy consultancy services from a researcher, it must contact the researcher or research team directly. Consultancy services usually cover a specific area for a limited time.

The agreement is with the researcher personally, not the University, so University facilities and materials cannot be used for this work.

Often, it will be more appropriate to commission research, as described above.