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Working with public-sector authorities

The University of Copenhagen seeks to be an attractive partner for official authorities in Denmark and abroad and feels a responsibility to make its wide-ranging knowledge available for work on research-based public-sector service contracts.

The University wants up-to-date, reliable, impartial and relevant information to be available to society; including decision-makers in parliament, government and official agencies.

The University contains a high level of academic breadth and can offer master’s students, PhD students and senior researchers, who all possess skills of great relevance to official bodies in Denmark and elsewhere.

Examples of collaboration

The University is already involved in research in a wide variety of areas and in a broad range of research-based collaborations with ministries, government agencies, international organisations, regions, local authorities, etc. These include:

  • Major contracts to supply research-based public-sector services in the form of advice and sector-related research
  • Large and small advisory assignments in the form of writing reports, drafting memoranda, assessing applications, etc.
  • Sitting on councils, boards, commissions and committees

A priority for action

The University's Strategy for collaboration with public-sector bodies and organisations stipulates that research-based public-sector services are a top priority.