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Recruit a researcher

If you want to hire a researcher, you have several options: You can choose a young researcher as an Industrial PhD​ or Industrial postdoc, or a senior researcher in a co-funded associate professorship or professorship. You can also recruit a researcher for a specific project via the Innovation Voucher Scheme.

- Industrial PhD
- Industrial postdoc
- Associate professor/professor
- Funding option (innovation voucher)

Industrial PhD and Industrial postdoc

The Industrial PhD and Industrial postdoc schemes provide grants to recruit a researcher for a specific project that may generate new knowledge and/or patents.

Nearly 50% of companies that have taken on an Industrial PhD student have obtained a new patent as a result.

An Industrial PhD is a three-year vocational project. The student is employed by a company or public-sector body but is still enrolled at a university.

An industrial postdoc is a good option for high-tech companies of all sizes. The employee will usually be somebody with a PhD who is embarking on a research career.

Both schemes require that the company has a clear idea for ​​a research project and that it is of sufficient quality to be approved by the Danish Innovation Fund, which provides the grants.

The University will help develop the project, and draw up a notice for a suitable employee, etc. For help, send an e-mail to our contact person for Industrial PhDs.

Read more about funding options for Industrial PhDs and postdocs.

Employ an Associate Professor or Professor

A senior researcher at a university is usually employed as an Associate Professor or Professor. If you need to hire a researcher for a period of at least five years or longer, a co-funded Associate Professorship or Professorship may be the solution.

A company-funded Professorship typically comes about because a large company is interested in exploring a previously untested area where there is a need for strong analytical competences and highly specialised advice.

If you want to learn more about co-funded appointments, please e-mail our department for personnel law.

Innovation voucher: Appoint a researcher to a project

The Innovation Voucher Scheme is a government programme aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with or without experience of working with knowledge institutions.

Funding up to DKK 1 million is available to innovative projects in which companies collaborate with one or more academic institutions.

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