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19 November 2012

Arctic Station

Technical specifications
Arctic Station at Godhavn is a centre for research and university courses in botany, zoology, geography and geology. The station is located on the south coast of the island of Disko in central West Greenland (69°15'N, 53°34'W) and faces the Davis Strait. The station is located approx. 1 km outside the small urban community Qeqertarsuaq.

It is possible to stay overnight at the Arctic Station. The station is equipped with a large collection of arctic and scientific literature. Arctic station has for years collected and registered climatic and biological data and therefore has a yearlong series of data on biological and climatic data available. In addition, you can rent the research vessel Porsild, dinghy, an inflatable boat and snowmobiles (see more in the right box).

Purpose and use
The Arctic Station is a field station with the purpose of promoting Arctic research and training in bio- and geology related issues. For the past 10 years, interest in Arctic has increased heavily. The discussions concerning global environmental changes require knowledge of the Arctic flora, fauna and development of the landscape. Each topic is important in itself, but it is crucial to document their function and development in integrated ecosystems.

Studies in and of the Arctic natural environment are usually associated with high costs and significant demands on logistics and security. It has therefore been an objective in itself to make the Arctic Station attractive to contemporary research in the middle of an arctic nature where a wide range of unique botanical, zoological, natural geographical and geological phenomena are readily available both in the terrestrial and the marine environment.

Target group
Anyone can get access to equipment and accommodation.

Additional information
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