Experience Lab – University of Copenhagen

13 November 2012

Experience Lab

Technical specifications
Experience Lab is a research facility that contains:

  • Two rooms with a one-way mirror between
  • Eyetracker
  • Video cameras
  • Microphones
  • Computers
  • TV, PlayStation, Xbox
  • Analysis Software (Tobii Studio, Nvivo and The Observer)

Use of the equipment
Experience Lab is a research facility used to conduct experiments in which human interaction with mainly IT and other media is observed. The Experience Lab emphasizes the user's experience of advertising, websites, software, text, games, movies and talk. This is examined by means of video recording, the recording of eye movements, mouse clicks and more.

Instead of interpreting the form and content of e.g. a film or an interface, it is thus possible to explore the user's experience and benefit from it.
In the Experience Lab we can automate the collection and part of the processing of experimental data. This saves time and provides more reliable results.

It is possible synchronously to record a video of the participants, their comments, screenshots, eye movements, keystrokes, observers selection of particularly interesting episodes and measure the participants' pulse synchronously with the other data.

The observer's markings can be used in the further analysis to quickly find all episodes in which participants, for example, seemed to be in doubt or having fun. 

Target group

  • Students (all levels) and staff at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Companies by appointment.

Additional information
Read more about the facility at www.Explab.dk (in Danish).