High-throughput Cell-based screens – University of Copenhagen

19 November 2012

High-throughput Cell-based screens

Technical specifications
2 Hamilton MicrolabSTAR Liquid Handling Stations integrated with an Incell 1000 HT microscope, spectrophotometer and a microtiterplate CO2 incubator.
FACS Calibur for HTcell analysis in 96-well format available at BRIC's FACS-facility.

Use of equipment
The BRIC Core Facility for High-throughput Cell-based Screens combines high technology instrumentation and RNAi based gene knockdown to perform cell-based screens in high-throughput format. It is open to all research groups at the University of Copenhagen on a non-profit basis.

Customized screens can be performed both in 96- and 384-well microtitre plate format utilizing immunofluorescence/fluorescent markers or luminescence as a read-out. To this end, several mouse and human siRNA and shRNA libraries are readily available at the facility.

Target group
Everyone, but under different conditions (see box to the right).

Additional information
Read more about the facility at the BRIC website.