Human Test Centre for Bioactive Foods – University of Copenhagen

19 November 2012

Human Test Centre for Bioactive Foods

The Human test centre is a core facility for performing human dietary intervention studies is common to all research groups at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport.

Technical specifications
Facility to perform human dietary studies with bioactive foods or food components, including Good Clinical Practice (GCP)-studies:

  • Test protocol and ethical approval
  • Recruitment and study preparation
  • Food preparation, test meals, food delivery to volunteers
  • Sample collection, handling and storage
  • Clinical tests and clinical chemistry
  • Reporting etc.

Use of equipment

  • Study of functional food effects in humans
  • Clinical nutrition studies

Target group
Any researcher or project group wishing to collaborate scientifically in the area.

Accessible to external collaborators, including companies wishing to do collaborative research.

Additional information
The homepage is under construction. For more information contact Lars O. Dragsted or Christian Mølgaard.