Kristiansminde field station – University of Copenhagen

04 March 2013

Kristiansminde field station

Technical specification
Kristiansminde field station, Biological institutes field station nearby Sorø.

The field station consists of a main building, a laboratory wing and a student wing.
The main building have a dining hall, kitchen, three working rooms for groups and five teacher lounges with room for six sleeping guests. The kitchen is equip for normal housekeeping during a course.

The laboratory wing has a minor and major work room. All special equipment must be carried along.

The student wing has room for twenty sleeping guest divied up in small to person rooms. Bed sheets must be brought along.

Use of equipment
The field station is primarily for regular biological training and other forms for education related activities at the biological institute. 

Other programs are in limited magnitude free to use the field station, especially when they are related to a biological subject. In such cases there will be a minor charge to cover any extraordinary expense.

The station is mainly to be used for workshops, seminar, courses and field works with relevant scholarly content or for High School’s camps.

Target Group
Employee at University of Copenhagen for scholarly purposes and High Schools for camps.

Additional information
Activities at the Biological institute has first priority. 

Read more on the field stations own website here.