Metabolomics core facility – University of Copenhagen

19 November 2012

Metabolomics core facility

The metabolomics core facility is a collaboration between groups in Nutrition, Food Sciences and Plant Sciences. We have key competences in

  • Development of new biomarkers
  • Prediction modelling for biomedical, biological and process oriented systems.

The Nutritional Metabolomics group at Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport (NEXS) is a part of the section for Bioactive Foods and Health and working primarily with identification of novel biomarkers of food intake and of nutritionally related disease. The majority of studies are using untargeted (explorative) metabolomics but we also use several targeted methods. The individual projects typically aim at finding markers for specific foods, for individual health, or for susceptibility and risk of nutritionally related disease.

Quality & Technology at Dept. Food Science is involved broadly in projects in food science, industrial processing, and health with competences in spectrometry and multivariate modelling, including prediction and simulation modelling

Technical specifications and use
The current equipment includes LC-MS (Nutritional Metabolomics group) and NMR (Quality and Technology group) capabilities.

LC-MS: Three UPLC’s, two of which are coupled with mass detectors, a Q-TOF Premier (Waters, Milfold, MA, USA) and a triple quadropole (Waters); the third is coupled with a diode array detector. The two latter are used for targeted methods, including bile acids, isoprostanes, advanced glycation endproducts (AGE), flavonoids and carotenoids.

NMR: Two NMR spectrometers are available at Q&T, 400 and 600 MHz (Bruker, Rheinstetten, Germany). These instruments are used routinely in metabolomics profiling of biological samples, including MAS NMR for solid samples.

Target group

  • Any researcher willing to coorporate on the subject.
  • Access for external partners.

Further information
For further information, contact Lars O. Dragsted or Søren Balling Engelsen.