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Rent facilities at the university

Entrepreneurs and small businesses can rent office space or laboratory facilities at the University for a limited period.

Small start-ups that emerge from UCPH’s own research environments may find it particularly beneficial to locate themselves close to relevant core facilities and research partners.

Rents are subject to market terms and conditions and the Danish Business Lease Act. Use of the canteen can be incorporated into the contract.

Space is also available for rent in the Symbion Entrepreneurship Centre or at Copenhagen Bio Science Park, COBIS. Potential tenants have to contact them directly.

Location for an event

Associations, organisations, institutions and companies can rent campus locations for events, e.g. seminars or conferences, on an hourly basis.

The event must be non-commercial and have a connection to the University of Copenhagen’s activities.

Interested parties should contact the local administrative unit on the campus concerned. See the list of Campus Service units to the right.