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Innovation Network and Clusters

The University of Copenhagen contributes as coordinator, partner and participater in a number of networks and clusters with an innovation focus. Below you can get an overview of the networks, which UCPH actively participates in.

Animation Hub is a professional network, which works to promote the use of animation.
BIOVALUE SPIR is a strategic platform for innovation and research within biomass.
Biopeople is the Danish innovation network within biohealth and matchmaker in the biomedical area.
CenSec is a network of businesses within high-tech industries, defense and aerospace.
CFIR is a cluster organisation for businesses, start-ups, universities, and the public sector in Denmark within financial technology, finance and it.
Climate-KIC is one of Europe's largest public-private innovation partnerships with focus on solving the challenges created by climate change.

CLEAN is Denmark's green energy and environment cluster that through projects and partnerships creates green growth and innovation, both nationally and internationally.
Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster identifies and initiates opportunities for growth. The innovation network works with healthy growth opportunities across the hospital and care sectors.

Copenhagen Spin-outs is a joint initiative between the academic research environment and industry, with a focus on innovation and commercialisation of biotechnological research.

FoodNetwork is the innovation network within the food sector. The network works to create growth and development of small and medium-sized food businesses in Denmark.
INBIOM is an innovation network, focusing on intelligent production and utilization of biomass in the transition to a bio-based economy.
InfinIT is a nationwide innovation network for IT, which moves in a place between researchers and companies.
InnoBYG is the innovation networks within the construction industry. The network brings together the construction industry across academic disciplines and has a focus on knowledge sharing, networking and development.

INNO-PRO is a network that will help small and medium-sized businesses, which produces high-tech products, with translating research into value.

InSPIRe is a public-private platform for innovation and research with focus on the Danish food sector’s productivity and global competitiveness.

Medicon Valley Alliance is an industry cluster consisting of life science-companies in Denmark and Sweden.
Medtech Innovation is an innovation network, which has the purpose to facilitate growth in the Danish medical technology industry.

Inno-SE is an innovation network, focusing on growth, innovation and employment within the energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems.
Water in Urban Areas is an innovation network, bringing together public and private actors in climate adaptation work.