Cloudburst problems becomes resources – University of Copenhagen

Cloudburst problems becomes resources

Water Technology

Marina Bergen Jensen


A new tested technology, which can assist sewage systems and, at the same time, help to maintain the Danish countryside.

The History:
Cloudburst is a major problem in Denmark and the subsequent flooding puts pressure on the sewage systems all over the country.

Professor Marina Bergen Jensen from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen has developed the Dual Porosity Filtration, a green technology that can remedy the problem.

The technology makes it possible to reuse the dirty rainwater flowing from roads or parking spaces after rain. The filters clean the water by mimicking nature's own processes, such as sedimentation and biological degradation.

A license to the technology is sold to the industrial company Watercare, which supplies Dual Porosity Filtration as a solution to the municipalities.

According to Managing Director Henrik Rønnest there is considerable potential in the technology:

- Everything indicates that the problems with heavy cloudbursts and flooding are getting intensified. And at the same time we see a growing desire to strengthen water quality and biodiversity in the Danish countryside. With this technology, we can convert the dirty water to a resource that can help ensure the Danish countryside for the future.

Allerød Kommune is the first municipality, which has invested in Dual Porosity Filtration. Here it is expected that the new technology, together with new rainwater pools and flooding areas, may help to climate proof the municipality, and at the same time strengthen the local countryside.

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