Specialists in consumer behaviour – University of Copenhagen

Specialists in consumer behaviour

In formulating policies it is important for the Ministry of Food to know consumers’ reasons for buying certain types of food.  Researchers at the University of Copenhagen help identify them.

Price? Taste? Health? Appearance? Ecology? Animal welfare? What do consumers find most important when buying meat, fish or other foods? The Ministry of Food commissioned the Department of Food and Resource Economics to find answers to these questions.

The Department conducted a major questionnaire survey among a representative sample of Danish consumers, analysed the responses and presented a report. It is the first study to compare consumer purchasing preferences for various types of food.

The report furnishes the Ministry with new research-based knowledge to inform food policy, according to project manager, Associate Professor Jørgen Dejgård Jensen.

“We are not an official agency but are specialists in this field. By commissioning us to conduct the survey, the Ministry guaranteed an objective, critical examination based on the most advanced knowledge and research in the area,” he explains.

The Ministry has a framework agreement with the Department of Food and Resource Economics, which conducts a variety of operational and research work for the ministry.