From invention to factory – University of Copenhagen

From invention to factory

A UCPH invention led to the construction of a new factory in Jutland, generating jobs in the midst of an economic crisis.

The invention consists of a more effective way of extracting protein from leguminous plants, which will have important implications for human food and animal feed.

Effective use of plants

Plant protein is one of the main components of human and animal food – it is important both to build the body and keep the engine running – but its potential has not been fully exploited. And it needs to be. Urgently.

In an era when the world's agricultural land is increasingly being used to cultivate crops for food, feed and biofuel, there is a need for efficient utilisation of plants.

Associate Professor Keld Ejdrup Markedal, Associate Professor Jens Christian Sørensen and Professor Emeritus Hilmer Sørensen, from the Department of Food Science, have found part of the answer.

They have invented a smart and highly effective means of extracting protein from leguminous plants – from domestic crop lupins in Denmark to soya beans, which are used for food and feed in many parts of the world.

The University has now entered into a partnership with Agro Korn A/S and Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S, and a factory costing just under DKK 100 million is under construction at Hornsyld in Jutland.

The factory will generate production, exports and jobs. Production started in spring 2013 and estimated annual turnover will be DKK 350 million.