Researchers start their own company – University of Copenhagen

Researchers start their own company

Researchers at UCPH have developed a new product to guarantee the fertility of valuable thoroughbred horses. A new company has emerged on the back of the product, which will be marketed to an exclusive clientele in the United States.

The most common reason for reduced fertility in mares is chronic infection of the lining of the uterus caused by the streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus.

Dormant infection

Professor Anders Miki Bojesen, Department of Veterinary Disease Biology at UCPH-HEALTH and Morten Rønn Petersen DVM PhD, discovered that many of the horses that test negative for the streptococcus have a dormant infection with no clinical symptoms but which inhibits fertility. The infection cannot be treated because antibiotics only work on active bacteria.

The two researchers developed Bactivate, which consists of neurotransmitters that trigger the growth of bacteria, making it possible to diagnose and treat the infection.

The success rate is high and the drug will now be produced by their newly formed company, Bojesen & Petersen Biotech Ltd, and sold in the United States.