Commercial project boosts self-confidence – University of Copenhagen

Commercial project boosts self-confidence

Anne-Sophie Dalsgaard Hoff chose a commercial project because she was tired of working with case studies and needed new challenges. That is exactly what transpired and working for Arla boosted her academic and professional profile.

Working for Arla Foods in the UK, Anne-Sophie was part of a task force group charged with devising solutions for a large and complex project. She recalls.

 “My competences were well and truly tested. It made me much more aware of what it is that I'm good at.”

This practical experience means that Anne-Sophie now finds it easier to describe her professional profile. She will not feel quite so green when she finishes her study programme. The project boosted Anne-Sophie’s professional and academic confidence so much that she now feels ready for the labour market and to throw herself into new and challenging projects.

“I found out that my education means that I’m very well equipped for the challenges,” she says.

As well as a lot of practical experience, the project also resulted in excellent references and a job offer for Anne-Sophie. So she has no hesitation encouraging other students to get involved in commercial projects.

Tired of case studies

Anne-Sophie opted for the project because she wanted closer contact with companies and to work on real projects instead of case studies.

“I had already taken all the compulsory courses, and I have no plans to do research afterwards, so I think it was even more important for me to get out and test myself and see how far I had really come,” she explains.

The project offered Anne-Sophie invaluable practical experience not available via the courses on her study programme.