From internship and student job to permanent post – University of Copenhagen

From internship and student job to permanent post

Peter Melgaard has an MA in Rhetoric. His studies focused on communication from a political and social perspective. He now has his first job as a communications officer in the course-provider and conference company Nohr-Con, where he deals with everything from media relations to internal communications and digital marketing.

Student jobs and voluntary work

During his studies, Melgaard had several student jobs that gave him plenty of practical experience, e.g. at Nohr-Con while doing his master’s, where he worked with digital newsletters and web communications.

Due to the relatively small size of the company he didn’t expect it to lead to a full-time job after graduation. It was all about practical experience.

From student job to permanent post

A permanent post at Nohr-Con was not on the cards when Peter graduated in 2009 after five years of study. But when it turned out that the company could afford a communications officer, he was the natural choice because of his previous knowledge of the workplace.

And it was a relatively easy transition from student to full-time employee of Nohr-Con, he recalls. “Actually, it wasn’t that big a step, maybe because it's a small company, but perhaps also because I had already been given a lot of responsibility as a student.”