The mentoring scheme helped me achieve my goals – University of Copenhagen

The mentoring scheme helped me achieve my goals

Amalie Alsløw Anthis' experiences with the mentoring programme.

“I still remember how nervous I was the first time I met my mentor from Berlingske Media, Mette Terkelsen, who is the cultural editor. I felt very unprepared.

But the mentoring process – and Mette in particular – have boosted my academic and professional confidence and helped me achieve many of the goals I set myself for my master's programme.

When I started on the programme in comparative literature, I set goals for what I wanted to achieve to prepare me for the world of work.

I wanted to extend my network, do an internship for a semester and have a relevant student job.

The mentoring scheme gave me direction.

Before I joined the mentoring programme, I thought hard about whether I should pursue a future in journalism or communications.

Mette knows all about both, and she helped me to think about and put words to what exactly it is that I find interesting about different types of jobs.

For example, it has been liberating to be able to talk to her about my first study-related job, where I am responsible for communications in a lawyer’s office.

I am the only communications staff, so to have Mette as a sounding board is invaluable.

She has acted as a pers​onal supervisor who I can talk to about my studies, career and personal life – and how to make it all work together.