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Internships and projects

Many companies and students find that an internship or a project related to a particular academic assignment generates considerable value for both parties.

Internships and project partnerships are temporary, project-oriented arrangements under which a student works on projects or assignments for a company or public-sector body. The student gains experience of the real world and you get:

  • A specific problem solved by an academic student
  • Recruitment opportunities among top students
  • Dedicated and well-trained manpower
  • Access to the latest knowledge, analyses and methods from the University

Guidelines for working together on projects and internships

When a student and a company enter into an agreement on an internship or on projects, it is important that the academic and professional challenges and the student match, so that both parties will benefit from the outcome.

Together, the student, the University and the company or public-sector authority draw up a contract to ensure that all parties agree on the process.

Practical considerations:

  • The students take part in the everyday life at the workplace, on an equal basis with other employees
  • The student has a computer, Internet access, desk and other necessary equipment
  • The company nominates a member of staff to act as supervisor for the student

  • The student may receive a gratuity for an unpaid project partnership. The maximum amount is 3,000 DKK a month. However, it cannot be provided as a pre-determined income like a wage income.

  • The project cannot be extended beyond the agreed period, but the intern may be offered a student job if the assignment has not been completed

When and how do you find an intern?

The semester starts around 1 February and 1 September every year, so it is a good idea to start the internship/project around these dates. Therefore, you may want to start advertising for students in October/April.  Use the self-service module to advertise for an intern in the University's Project & Job site.